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Let us introduce ourselves as your friendly guide and your best online friend in choosing the right place to procure prescription and wellness drugs. We are inconspicuously present where you require us the most.


One of our arms is to guide you to the most legitimate source for getting your regular supply of wellness drugs and the other arm is to address any grievances that you may have with any online source that sells or markets such drugs. On our site you will find a detailed description of all the points to look out for when you want to shop at the online pharmacy store. For example

1. Is the site registered locally?

It often happens that websites that are not registered locally are a hub f all illegitimate activities and therefore it is important that the origin of the website is known.

2. Is it linked to an actual physical store?

The next time to verify is to check if the inline store is a continuation of any physical store in the country or an online arm of a chain of pharmacy store.

3. Are there any numbers that you can contact them on?

Does the website contain any hotline numbers which can be contacted if there be a need?

4. Any accreditations or certifications prominent on the website?

Please check to see if there are any quality certification seals that are available on the site. This could well be an indication of the legitimacy of the online source.

5. Any discrepancies in the pharmacy store and its online version?

The thing that may eventually give away is that if the online source is claiming to be an online arm of an actual pharmacy then you may physically verify with the pharmacy and find out for yourself if it is a legitimate source.