The hesitation to buy prescription drugs across the counters

Men will be men. And even though they think that they can get away with doing all their work with their machismo, there is one job perhaps which embarrasses them no end and that hilariously is the job of procuring prescription wellness drugs like Viagra or Max Performance off the shelves of a pharmacy or a health departmental store and going through the billing procedure without feeling embarrassed. And those grown up boys who pretend that they are not embarrassed while shopping for such drugs give away with their looks itself by pretending to keep a straight face and passing through the counter looking around consciously for anyone who is watching them or amused with the idea that they are buying one, then why not try this supplement for a discreet purchase.

The psychology of men

Speaking about the idea that they need performance tablets in the bedroom irks them no end and they rather not date a woman who is conscious of the fact. Men like to be extremely and I repeat extremely discreet about the fact that they need even a little help to satisfy a woman in the bed. They think it violates the idea of being a man and hurts their ego when accosted with questions regarding the use of such drugs.

So, what’s the next best alternative?

Buying them online, of course!

In a survey conducted in a campus, 90 percent of males confessed to have bought the performance pills from an online source. All the men interviewed had the same inhibitions regarding buying the tablets physically from a health store. The main idea in procuring the drug from an online store was to maintain secrecy and avoid embarrassment while shopping at the real store.


Friends who have tried shopping for such drugs from online sources always leak out to other peers the origin of their source. On the internet, there are dealers who vie for attention of prospective customers and one of their strategies is to do cut throat competition by undercutting their closest competitors pricing. The quality of the drugs that are sold at rock bottom prices is always a big question mark. Besides, sometimes these fraudsters appear to be genuine dealers but never honor their contract and disappear after the customers have deposited the payments.


In here, we will do a couple of case studies of people who have been duped by these internet sources and the near fatal experiences that they had.

Case #1

Tim Long (name changed) tried to buy Viagra after he heard his friends bragging about their experiences with it and also how easy it is to procure them from online stores. Tim decided to log in and ordered a pack which was promptly delivered in a week’s time. That week he did not use any. But the following week, he decided to take his cousin out and took the pill just in case he got lucky. Lucky he did get but how? Within an hour of the consumption, Tim had severe nausea and flu like symptoms with a runny nose and a despaired vision. He could not enjoy the encounters much but his cousin was thoughtful enough to drive him home and see him in bed before she left. He never dared to tell her what was the reason and was almost hysterical when she suggested that he go to the doctor to show his condition. Thankfully, he recovered in a day’s time and vowed to never ever shop for the drug online again.

Case# 2

Joseph Bark (not his real name) is a fifty year old who happened to check out an online store and finally decided to buy the costliest drug there thinking that the costlier it is the better will be the quality. But unfortunately, it was not going to be. The pills were impressively packed and marketed but on the day that Joseph took one of them, it gave him such a splitting headache that he had to cancel his date and retire early to bed. He did not even want to call his hospice for fear of stigmatizing. Online stores are definitely not risk free. They are sometimes the doorway to hell.